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We Tell Stories With Flowers With Gifts

Yes, flowers can be a wonderful way to tell stories or convey emotions through gifts. Different flowers and colors can symbolize different meanings, allowing you to express a specific sentiment or message through your gift.


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Feeling Love

By selecting the right type and color of flower, you can create a meaningful and thoughtful gift that speaks to the recipient’s personality or relationship with you


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We Produce Beauty
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The simple act of gifting someone a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers can brighten up their day and leave a lasting impression. 

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Full service flower shop serving Chicagoland.

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Our flowers have the ability to enhance the atmosphere.


Every Single Of Our Bouquets Is Hand-Crafted By A Local Florist

Hand-crafted bouquets have a special touch that can make them unique and personalized.

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Determine the occasion: Are you buying flowers for a special event, such as a wedding or anniversary, or are you buying them for a casual occasion, such as a dinner party or to brighten up your home?


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Get the best value for your money. Go to Designer’s Choice and put your dollar amount. Pam at the flower company, super flower lady, will give you the biggest thing for your buck!


Flowers Always Make Everyone’s
Day Brighter & Fun

Flowers are often given as gifts to express love, appreciation, congratulations, or condolences. They can bring a smile to someone’s face and uplift their mood. They also add color and beauty to a space, making it feel more lively and inviting.


Beauty You Are Sure To Treasure

Flowers and nature can have a positive effect on mental health,


natural, fresh cut flowers

flowers are often considered a universal symbol of positivity and joy.

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Some of our client’s reviews .

“What great service. It made my day!”

I was notified last minute to send flowers to funeral the same day. It was too late to send it same day so I decided to send it to the funeral. Someone at the North Suburban Floral Services knew that the visitation was the same day and delivered the flowers that night!.
S. P.

Chicago, IL

“My experience was just wonderful.”

“The owner, Pam is warm, friendly and helpful. The flowers that were displayed at the store were fresh and reasonably priced. Pam has worked with many customers and she has a wide range of ideas of what may look great for that special occasion.”
Irene Kangadis

Niles, IL

“Absolutely 100% recommend North Suburban Flower Company.”

I wanted to send my wife Valentines Day flowers to her work in Des Plaines and figured I would support the local business rather than the bigger companies that have let me down in the past.
S. P.

Chicago, IL


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